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Emotional Expressions


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1. FEATURE SEGMENT: Social Aptitude & Slant, audio by Bart Baggett

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Social Aptitude 

& Slant

This audio clip is one small section of our entire DVD/ CD home study course.

The main function of emotional expressiveness is how someone processes their feelings. The main clue or indicating factor is the size of the handwriting & the slant.  

Leftward Slant: 60 to 70% of the strokes will end up at an angle to the left of 90 degrees. People with this trait may have a hard time expressing their feelings & connecting with other people.  There is a lack of trust.

Right Slant: A heart ruled person. They will be impulsive and let their emotions rule their life more so than the emotionally withdrawn person (leftward slant).

Concentration: Very intense, focused individuals. (Engineers, fighter pilots, scientists) The tiny writing will sometimes confuse the analysis based on the slant.  There are traits that will offset other traits and diminish the meaning, even though it is still accurate.

Ambivert: Middle of the road, not extrovert, not introvert, but ambidextrous. This person relates to both left & right slants. They will be more conservative in a lot of their decisions.

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Comments From Students
Dear Bart and Curtis,

"I teach a variety of handwriting analysis classes and I always have my own grapho-deck available for the students to look at, plus additional ones for sale. The grapho-deck is a required resource in my 6 hour 'introduction' class which meets for 2 separate evenings a week apart. Your deck is an incredibly well designed product that gives the students a practical tool they can begin using right away. Plus, at the same time they are learning the traits, they are also beginning to learn how to do a simple analysis. We refer to the cards extensively during class, and their assignment for the week between the two sessions is to use the cards to analyze one of the samples provided in the first session. They're always amazed at how easy the deck is to use and how quickly they can learn the basics. Thank you for a great product at a wonderfully inexpensive price!!"
-- Katie Darden, California


"I just want to congratulate you on inventing the Grapho-Deck. I have been getting a 80% - 100% accuracy approval rating from just the cards... they are incredible."
-- Carmine Alessandro, Tuloka Lake, CA


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